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Green Dream

A sativa dominant hybrid, the Green Dream, was created by crossing the Blue Dream and the Green Crack strains. It is named as such because of its flavor profile, which is reminiscent of green tea, and also because of its parental lineage, the Blue Dream. Its original breeder is a mystery.

Flavor and Effects of Green Dream

The Green Dream’s overall scent can be best described is very similar to that of the Green Crack’s fruity and earthy smell. It is often complemented with notes of skunky and berry sensations that come from its other parent, the Blue Dream. For its flavor profile, this strain offers a woody and piney taste, usually accompanied by some sweet and citrusy undertones. Overall though, it should be best described as reminiscent to that of a fruit-flavored green tea.

With Green Dream’s high THC levels reaching up to 24%, this strain is every seasoned user’s dream. It is a highly potent strain that provides a cerebral stimulation that opens the mind to increased levels of focus and creativity. It provides a profound sense of mental euphoria that improves the user’s social behavior. As the high progress, the indica effects of the strain slowly creeps in. Users will then feel a mild relaxation that starts from the head to toe. It calms the body but is never sedative, making it a great strain to start the morning with.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of the Green Dream

The overwhelming sativa effects from this strain provides its medicinal value, despite its low CBD levels. The Green Dream is often recognized as an effective anti-depressant and stress reliever for a lot of patients. The mild physical relaxation that is brought about by using this strain also provides temporary relief to those who are suffering from pains and aches, including headaches and migraines.

Negative Effects of the Green Dream

One of the most commonly reported side effects of the Green Dream strain is dry mouth. Usually, this is also accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. Some users may, however, experience dizziness, too, but this is most likely to happen with users who have low tolerance levels or for those who consume above their limits. Like any other cannabis strains, consuming this bud should always be in moderation.

Growing Green Dream

This strain can grow indoors and outdoors. It thrives well in both hydroponics and a soil medium. When grown outdoors, it requires a semi-humid and Mediterranean climate. Regardless of the environment, this strain requires regular trimming and topping to ensure it is able to provide its maximum yield.

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