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Green Dragon

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Created by Master Thai Breeders, Green Dragon is an indica dominant strain that came into existence by combining Victor Baarn and Afghani Malawi. Hailed as a classic strain, it is believed to have originated in the 1970s, an era known for birthing original strains that are now present in most hybrids nowadays. This makes novices and experienced smokers alike to have high expectations of Green Dragon
A promising therapeutic and recreational strain, Green Dragon never disappoints. It smells cool like mint with an earthy kick but still managed to maintain a sweet scent to it. It produces mossy green leaves that seem reluctant so they tend to curl inward to meet their stems, making it look like a dense nugget. If viewed from another angle, you may even see purple shades. The whole plant itself is covered by glimmering trichomes resembling snow.
Green Dragon has bagged a lot of awards. It had three Cannabis Cup awards; one for being the best concentrate, and two for being the best CBD flower.

Flavor and Effects of Green Dragon

Green Dragon is as potent as the mythical creature it was named after. Its beautiful flowers taste of mint which can make your eyes water. Upon exhaling, it leaves an herbal aftertaste with a hint of pine. The cerebral buzz initially begins to ebb from around the eyes and the temples. A tingling sensation is felt sliding from the back of your head down to your spine. From there, it will start soothing any muscular tension to achieve full-body relaxation. It is almost like getting a relaxing full body massage. The rapid effects clear the mind of sad thoughts, replacing it with high esteem and a state of happiness.

Medical Benefits of Green Dragon

Since it can instantly uplift the mood, Green Dragon is recommended for patients of anxiety. Depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. It can make them smile and forget all the negative thoughts by clearing the mind and stopping their tendency to overthink. It helps them to focus on the state of bliss, making them accomplish more and have a higher sense of self-esteem. ADD and ADHD patients can also benefit from the increased focus and concentration. The strain can also soothe body aches and pains, and also useful for epilepsy and seizures.

Negative Effects of Green Dragon

Since its effects do not kick in right away, users may tend to overindulge. We must remember that the saying €œnobody is perfect€ also applies to our favorite strains. Regardless of the various medicinal values, Green Dragon also comes with adverse effects such as dryness of eyes and mouth, dizziness, headache, and nausea. These can be easily dodged by cautiously taking puffs with patience.

Growing Green Dragon Some information and Tips

For better yield, you may employ either the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques. Whether indoors or outdoors, always ensure that you maintain a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To control the height especially if you have a very limited growing space, topping the plants early will definitely do the trick. This trick shall ensure that broad fan leaves will never inhibit light, air and nutrients circulation.