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Green Door Kush

Green Door Kush

The Green Door Kush, a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has an energizing effect. It possesses good use for medicinal and for night time use. Unique terpene profiles bring out the lemony citrus mixed with earthy herbal aroma makes this Green Door Kush, a strain that you won’t forget.

Flavor and Effects of Green Door Kush

Flavors that you will savor are the citrus fruity lemon that is quite sweet with a little earthy undertone. It promotes a creative mind that is very well energized and euphoric. And as the high mellows down, you will feel happy, hungry and will soon be sleepy

Medical Benefits of Green Door Kush

Green Door Kush has an analgesic property that alleviates the problems with pain, muscle spasm, migraines. It can also help with reducing the irregular bowel movement, nausea, stress, and of course, give you a much better sleep.

Negative Effects of Green Door Kush

The negative effects include eye dryness and mouth, as well.

Growing Green Door Kush

Growing Green Door Kush can be done in both environments. However, as the flowering phase change, it also changes in the temperature needed. That is why sometimes gardeners, prefer to set-up a controllable environment, where they can change temp or lighting as the cannabis, and its phase requires. Aside from that, though you have a controllable environment, you still need to perform pruning and trimming method, to ensure the well-ventilated nodes under be given a chance to breathe more.