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Green Crack Extreme

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Green Crack Extreme was also known as the Crush, amazingly potent Sativa dominant strain that is quite famous not only for a long time but also it has already printed its name on the cannabis world.  Outstandingly soft from the inhale to the exhale but giving your loud stimulation and satisfying that is excellent to use in the daytime.

Flavor and Effects of Green Crack Extreme

The flavors of herbal with lime combined with sweet and spicy lemony taste will succumb to you with its extremely energizing impact and a great feeling of euphoria and happiness. As the high settles in your brain, you will be getting a gush of ideas that will make you feel giggly at times; thus, a dandy recreational purpose was delivered during the high. 

Medical Benefits of Green Crack Extreme

Green Crack Extreme has a light and smooth high, making it more suitable if you are suffering from common pain, PMS, migraines, and nausea. Its THC level is helpful in dealing with anxiety, chronic depression, PTSD, and fatigue combined with stress.  

Negative Effects of Green Crack Extreme

Fortunately, using Green Crack Extreme would just give you slight headaches and dry eyes, unlike other strain. 

Growing Green Crack Extreme

Engaging yourself in cultivating the Green Crack Extreme will definitely allow you to enjoy your day. It is not as hard as it seems for the basic methods always work, such as pruning and trimming. It can also be planted in the environment of your choice but not with a cold or freezing and very hot set-up that will positively kill it with stress.