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Green Cheese

Green Cheese

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Green Cheese, well-known offspring of the Green Crack, a revivifying strain and the Cheese, an Indica Cup HTCC winner for its unparalleled genetics. As for aroma, the most identified smell is the cheese with the combination of citrus fruits.

If you are a big fan of cheese from taste to flavor, then this is for you. Green Cheese is best of use on daytime; for this, marijuana has a cerebral kick that will keep you on the go.

Flavor and Effects of Green Cheese

As you try to appreciate the flavor of Green Cheeses, you will taste the citrus, creamy earthy and herbal flavor, and, most of all, the cheesy taste that lingers on your palate for too long. You will feel very creative and energized all throughout the day with this strain, euphoric, relaxed, and sleepy as well.

Medical Benefits of Green Cheese

Green Cheese’s curative benefits are for chronic pain, insomnia, depression, mood swings, muscle spasms, and stress.

Negative Effects of Green Cheese

Unfavorable effects are the drying of the mouth and eyes. It also includes paranoia and light headaches.

Growing Green Cheese

Green Cheese is susceptible to powdery mildew. to address this weakness, it is either does it with pruning, a technique that includes removing the dead branches and make way for narrow streaks that were never ventilated. Those areas are commonly the nesting ground for mildews. Another thing is to make a healthier plant by feeding them organic or feeding the soil organic materials.