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Green Avenger

The Green Avenger’s name was a way of returning the sense of gratitude by Brother’s Grimm to Subcool for winning their genetics and for such an avid fan. So, they decided to combine the Apollo 11 and Vortex strains that resulted in Green Avengers, a cerebral high that will take you to a cerebral high that is quite fast.

Flavor and Effects of Green Avenger

The sweet blends of fruity tropical taste with the distinguished taste of honey that will make you come back for more. Green Avenger can give you an energetic feeling and uplifted. It can make you euphorically happy and give you strength for ideas.

Medical Benefits of Green Avenger

Green Avenger can bring the result in reducing the felt severe depression, experiencing too much stress and fatigue in the body because of a hectic and busy day to day schedules.

Negative Effects of Green Avenger

After the high in a few hours, you will feel the dryness of your eyes that may slightly be itchy due to a high THC level, and in some cases, a headache may also occur.

Growing Green Avenger

Better with indoor set-up for this strain may be a little sensitive with temperature issues; it affects its flowers right away, especially the growth. it may seem very relying on the equipment that provides temperature needed, the lighting, especially with air vents that can provide the right strength of humidity to keep the flower dry and avoid mold.

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