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Great White Shark

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The Great White Shark cannabis strain was produced by crossing the Super Skunk with a South American and South Indian Sativa, thus resulted in a rich and intoxicatingly uplifting blend. This strain is vigorous, and it is made up of aromatic flower that is coated in crystals with well-defined tangerine hairs. 
The Great White shark was also famed by its name Peacemaker that was hailed and got popular after taking home the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997. Enjoy yourself with this morning strain, and put it on your long list of cannabis to appreciate.

Flavor and Effects of the Great White Shark

Great White Shark flavors lean very well to its extreme skunky taste with a prominent punch of citrus. You will be totally happy with this strain given that its THC level is quite high; it will be a total boost of your self-confidence but still relaxed. The euphoric happiness is accompanied by overflowing with ideas. 

Medical Benefits of the Great White Shark

Great White Shark is also known as the White Shark or the Peacemaker. The good thing about this strain ability de-stress those who are going through chronic illnesses and looking for relief for alleviating throbbing, such as migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, while soothing all discomfort. You can also count the depression and anxiety to the list of ailments that are treated by the Great White Shark. 

Negative Effects of Great White Shark

Great White Shark is a potent variant, which is why you should be equipped for some unlikeable effects when using it. This haze will make your mouth tasting dry and will come with a sensation of being parched, associated with itchy dry red eyes.

Growing Great White Shark

Great White Shark is best grown for indoors, but the flowering phase must be observed very well, for it is quite sensitive. There should always be a specific temperature in different phases of growth. Most gardeners prefer to cultivate the Great White Shark indoor, where it is controlled without any problem.  The needed temperature is just a click; the lighten will also be monitored as known in the cannabis world that, light and sunshine have a lot of help for the strain to survive and be more productive.
If aiming for doubling the yield, hydroponics is the answer to attain the goal. This method will also be done with the ScrOG, which uses mesh and other wires that are designed to be used in that procedure. The main purpose of ScrOg or the Screen of Green method is to lift the branches by weaving them into the wires and lining then horizontally. This is quite really beneficial to let the air and sunlight flow freely and circulating evenly.