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Grape Vine

Grape Vine

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Bred by the masters at Archive Seed Bank, this Grape Vine is an indica dominant hybrid with very high THC levels reaching up to 27%. It comes from a cross between the highly potent Grape Ape strain and the Do Si Dos strain. Its plants are distinguished by its dark purple and redbuds that are generously covered in white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Vine

The multicolored leaves of the Grape Vine strain are very pungent. They offer a sweet candy-like aroma of grapes and cookies. The smoke of this strain is slightly harsh and can cause slight coughing.

The Grape Vine strain provides a strong cerebral and body high. The effects can easily sedate you, leaving you numb and couch-locked. It is the perfect bud for evening or night time use.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Grape Vine

This highly potent strain has several applications for medical marijuana patients. Its anti-inflammatory effects can easily numb or soothe out everyday irritations like headaches and stomach aches. Patients struggling with chronic pains can also find relief with this bud. The calming vibes of this plant can also temporarily improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Grape Vine

The Grape Vine cannabis strain, like many other marijuana weeds, can cause cottonmouth. This is usually accompanied by dry eyes. Both effects, however, are mild and can go away quickly.

Growing Grape Vine

Successful outdoor cultivation for this strain demands a semi-humid climate with temperatures not going below 70 degrees and going over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be cultivated indoors. However, growers need to invest in carbon air filters or exhaust fans to keep their pungency under wraps.