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Grape stomper OG

Created by the masters at Gage Green , this hybrid was developed by crossing the popular Grape Stomper strain with the illustrious OG Kush strain. The result is a strain with one of the strongest medicinal properties.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Stomper OG

The Grape Stomper OG cannabis strain offers a delightful combination of pine and lemon hints that is often overpowered by a pungent sweet grapes scent. It is a unique and pleasant smell that carries over to its flavor profile. On exhale, you will feel the flavors of the sweet grapes linger on your tongue.

The effects of this strain are more head-focused than physical. It starts with an uplifted state of mind that opens up to free-flowing thoughts and ideas. You will feel highly motivated and enthusiastic. This is a uniquely social strain that can leave you with bouts of uncontrollable giggles and lively conversations.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Grape Stomper OG

The Grape Stomper OG has a myriad of medicinal value to offer. For one, it is a great reliever for anxiety and stress. Patients who are struggling with depression and PTSD symptoms will find this bud very effective in temporarily relieving them from sad and dangerous thoughts. Its sense of focus is also helpful for patients with attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD).

Negative Effects of Grape Stomper OG

As a sativa dominant hybrid, the Grape Stomper OG is likely to cause an increased level of paranoia if used in higher doses.

Growing Grape Stomper OG

This plant can easily grow indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cultivation requires consistent temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the plant to reach its full potential. Indoor cultivation tends to be more convenient. Trimming the broad leaves of this plant is another requirement as the lowering nodes need to receive an adequate amount of sunlight and air, too.

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