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Grape Snow Cone

Grape Snow Cone

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There is a little back story with the origin of this strain. The grower had this idea from a suggestion from his friend named Reefernutz. This was created with the intention of bringing together two champion strains, the Grape Ape and the Supernatural. The result was astonishing; the dark green fan leaves appear very shiny with a dusting of frosting and buds heavily coated with trichomes and accentuated by orange hairs.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Snow Cone

Indulge yourself as you inhale the warm smoke of this marijuana it releases sweet ripe grapes flavor with a tinge of sourness and a musky notes that will result in lots of lip-smacking action. The effect of this hybrid strain shows more her indica side with body relaxing high that starts at the back of the eyes and gradually flows down to your toes.

Medical Benefits of Grape Snow Cone

This cannabis is prevalent in California for its ability to induce sleep, helping those with insomnia regulate their sleep. It can also be used to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Additionally, this marijuana is widely used to treat chronic pain, inflammation, and spine injury.

Negative Effects of Grape Snow Cone.

Even the regular users and those with a high tolerance can still experience the loudmouth consequence from smoking the Grape Snow Cone. The use of this weed is also associated with feelings of dizziness and lethargy. In some cases, paranoia may be experienced, especially with casual smokers or beginners.

Growing Grape Snow Cone Some information and Tips

This beauty can excel whether indoors or outdoors, but if you want to see it turn to a purple goddess, make sure that this weed is in a living room or environment with colder temperatures, especially when reaching maturity. Overall, growing this weed is fairly straightforward; take it slow when feeding and gradually increase nutrients as she grows.

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