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Grape Puff

Grape Puff

Grape Puff is a well-balanced hybrid that was created by crossing the Grape Stomper with the Joseph OG strain. Its buds are long and dark olive green in color with hints of purple hues. They are generously covered by a frosty layer of tiny trichomes and amber pistils.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Puff

Often likened to eating a bowl of Trix cereal for breakfast, the Grape Puff cannabis strain boasts of a flavor profile that is sweet with overtones of grapes. Berries and earth flavors linger on the tongue on exhale. Its fragrance is as sweet as it tastes.

The high of this strain starts with a mental uplift that infuses you with increased levels of mental acuity and creativity. A body buzz that is quite sedative will creep up on you next. You will eventually be couched-lock and immovable as your mind soars higher in a dreamy haze.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Grape Puff

These psychedelic effects of Grape Puff make it an ideal strain for patients suffering from depression and chronic stress. Any self-doubts, negativity, and sadness are easily eliminated and taken over by happy euphoria. Its body buzz also makes it an effective pain killer. Patients with chronic pain, migraines, and headaches will benefit from this bud.

Negative Effects of Grape Puff

Even with moderate THC levels of 12%, the Grape Puff can cause dizziness and nausea when used in high doses. Its powerful onset will cause these effects regardless of your individual tolerance levels.

Growing Grape Puff

The Grape Puff grows relatively tall, so regular trimming is required for it to reach its full potential. It can be cultivated in indoor settings as well as in outdoor settings with a semi-humid climate. Within 7 to 9 weeks’ time, growers can enjoy its moderate to high yields.