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Grape Krush Throwback

Grape Krush Throwback

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Sometimes spelled as Grape Crush Throwback, this well-balanced hybrid was created from the Blueberry gene pool. It carries all its predecessor’s indica attributes and flavor profile. This strain’s plant is visually striking with its medium-sized flowers clustered in a cylindrical structure and its leaves in green and purple hues. To complete the look, the plant is covered in amber hairs and white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Krush Throwback

The Grape Krush Throwback marijuana strain offers a creamy grape flavor profile that is complemented with rich hints of pine and skunk. Its scent is likened to the old school bubblegum with grape flavor that will make your mouth water in no time.

The strain’s high is a balanced mind-body high. It elevated the mind and relaxed the body at the same time. The effects are euphoric, blissful, calm, and invigorating. It is a perfect mid-afternoon smoke, inspiring those who are trying to finish their 9 to 5 routine productively.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Grape Krush Throwback

This strain has excellent painkilling qualities. It is effective in treating any deep-seated and chronic pains, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint inflammations.

Negative Effects of Grape Krush Throwback

Negative effects of this strain are rare, as its effects are more dreamy than cerebral. Like many other marijuana strains, however, usually, uncomfortable side effects included cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Growing Grape Krush Throwback

This plant can be grown in both outdoors and indoor settings. It requires a semi-humid daytime temperature between 70 to 80 degrees, however, when cultivated outdoors. It also tends to grow short and bushy with long, thick buds. That means regular topping is required for it to reach its full potential. The plant is also very pungent with its grape-ish skunk scent, so growers should be prepared for this. You can eliminate nosy neighbors by investing in air filters or exhaust fans