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Grape Funk

Grape Funk

This strain was introduced and bred by BudPatch, the origins and exact genetics of the Grape Funk remains a riddle, but this strain definitely belongs to the Blueberry line. The leaves of this hybrid strain contain dark green base color and purple hues. The dense and round-shaped nuggets add beauty to this weed.

Flavor and Effects of Grape Funk

Revel in the great flavors of grapes and lemon of this strain. The light characters are paired with a sweet and musky aroma that makes every puff enjoyable in every exhale. This particular weed has balanced Indica and Sativa effects. It starts with a cerebral euphoria that brings in giggles, creativity, and focus. Don’t be fooled by the onset of the high because once the uplifting high settles in, it will bring you to a deep relaxation that will leave you lazy. Best to use it at night, especially for a weekend movie night and chill.

Medical Benefits of Grape Funk

Grape Funk is best known for its analgesic attributes that will be helpful for patients who are suffering from pain, injury, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, and inflammation. Since this weed can lull you to a relaxing state, it can benefit individuals who have anxiety, depression, chronic stress, fatigue, and also those with insomnia. Additionally, this marijuana can increase one’s appetite and can help regulate blood sugar, which makes it perfect for people with diabetes.

Negative Effects of Grape Funk.

Dryness of the eyes is the most common downside associated with the use of this strain, although some patients may also experience slight nausea and drowsiness.

Growing Grape Funk

This weed can grow in any cultivation conditions, may it be indoors, greenhouse or outdoors. For outdoor breeding, it is best to sow the seed around mid to late June so you can harvest it at it’s the best time around the last week of September or mid-October.