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Gorilla OG

Gorilla OG

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No one truly knows who created the first Gorilla OG or if it is a beautiful mistake committed by mother nature. When it comes to its genetics, there are two known versions of this beautiful marijuana, Gorilla Glue #4 and whether it was crossed with the OG Cookies or Mango Kush, that’s why some people refer to it as Gorilla Mango. Marvel at the cute rounded nuggets with pale green colors and the almost crystal clear pistils that add beauty and character to her overall appearance. The thick blanket of trichomes and overproduction of resins is hard to miss as you gaze at her.

Flavor and Effects of Gorilla OG

This strain exhibits flavors beyond your imagination. It is mostly fruity, and those with Mango Kush lineage appear to have a subtle and not an overpowering mango hint. As the smoke brushes your tongue, beautiful notes of leather doused in diesel, and an earthy aftertaste. The aroma of exotic spice adds unique characteristics to this weed. Before consuming this baby, make sure that you have food ready at your arms reach because she will make you eat like a monster. The effect is a slow creeper that initially starts with a blissful euphoria. A clear mind and body relaxing buzz will slowly build up, creating a blurry reality and numbing all senses in your body, leading to a full couch-locked. You may find yourself fighting off your lack of physical mobility due to great pangs of hunger.

Medical Benefits of Gorilla OG

Many patients will find this weed helpful in coping with their ailments such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, PTSD, mood swings, or bipolar disorder. The medicinal qualities that the Gorilla OG possess also helps in providing relief for people who are suffering from lack of appetite, nausea, spine injury, lupus, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, acute pain, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

Negative Effects of Gorilla OG.

There are instances where new patients who may have taken large doses of this strain will experience anxiety or fidgeting; in some milder cases, they can feel a rapid heart rate, so please be careful. This hybrid strain contains a potent THC that can overwhelm any beginners or those with low tolerance. For usual takers of this marijuana, make sure to take plenty of liquids as smoking this pot usually leads to cottonmouth and dry eyes, the use of eyedrops will significantly help soothe the latter side effect.

Growing Gorilla OG

Due to the lack of surety of the real lineage and genetics of this hybrid strain, it is essential to ask the breeders for their specific advice since it may require different attention and care. However, it is known that it can thrive both outdoors and inside. Due to the high yielding of resins, this plant will attract mites, so be watchful of them.

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