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The great thing does come in small boxes when we speak of the Goober. It is short in stature but packed with potency. You will love the colors of this weed as it changes from dark green to purple while blanketed over with crystal trichomes. This excellent hybrid strain was designed by the innovative minds of Square One Genetics, pollinating the GDP with a male Peanut Butter Breath.

Flavor and Effects of Goober

The first thing that will hit you is the strong aroma of this weed, it is very fruity and then mixed with a smoky and woody scent. The scent is just the appetizer because some grape tones complement the fragrance with a finishing aftertaste of pine. This one is a genuine creeper. It will trick you with a very light body buzz, then a sudden and a domineering massive cerebral buzz will dominate you. Despite having an indica genealogy, this strain will provide an uplifting and lively high,

Medical Benefits of Goober

Goober is the go-to cannabis of individuals suffering from symptoms of cancer or those who are undergoing chemotherapy; this weed can help them come with the aftermath. This marijuana can also be helpful to people who are having nausea, acute pain, and depression.

Negative Effects of Goober.

Even the regular users of this strain can experience paranoia or hallucinations when taking too much of this weed. Beginners, beware. The use of this pot can also result in dry eyes and mouth, and some may even feel a slight headache at the beginning of the high.

Growing Goober

When breeding this weed, you have to consider its height; this will not be ideal for the Sea of Grass technique but may be trained. This marijuana can attract mites due to her resin production, so be watchful of the little creepers. Additionally, this weed will perform best in colder conditions and with adequate water.