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The award-winning Golosa is a part of Project 11 that began in Delicious Seeds’ test laboratory. This marijuana is a crossed of strain from Blueberry and Grapefruit, which was then crossed with Bay 11. This hybrid strain exhibits the darkest of colors you’ll ever lay your eyes upon to the point of displaying an impressive jet block leaves. Back in 2018, this dark beauty won 1st place in the Extraction division of Cannabis Cup Castellón.

Flavor and Effects of Golosa

This weed has a bittersweet fruity base flavor like green mango and grapefruit with a dash of peppermint, licorice, and rich coffee. The overall characteristics of this cannabis are perfectly complemented by green tea and thyme scents. The main effect of this weed is a heavy narcotic with a full body buzz that calms every nerve in the body.

Medical Benefits of Golosa

The healing qualities of this weed will benefit patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or anorexia. Additionally, symptoms of muscle spasms, acute pain, fatigue, and inflammation can be treated by the use of this particular cannabis.

Negative Effects of Golosa.

Complaints of dry mouth and eyes are usually common after smoking it vaping this pot. Due to its high THC, anxiety and paranoia may be experienced by casual smokers or by regular users whenever toked in large quantities.

Growing Golosa

The robust character of the Golosa is something that breeders genuinely admire. She is very resistant to mold and other pests, which makes a perfect candidate for outdoor cultivation. Indoor growing is also encouraged.