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Golden Tiger

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Golden Tiger is a super rare Sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossbreeding (Koh Chang Thai with Hmong Thai)  and (Malawi with 3rd Generation Malawi). The result is a long boosting high that lasts for hours and an aroma that will complete your day with its citrus smell and minty sour lemon scent, the perfect combination to accomplish tasks that may require brainpower.

Flavor and Effects of Golden Tiger

Pleasant zest that came as one from all mixes includes the herbal and lemon with a sharp minty flavor. Golden Tiger will give more than a creative mind t settle your day, you will also find yourself very energize and happy. Socializing will also be obvious when you get on a crowd or a presentation while boosting with uplifting confidence. 

Medical Benefits of Golden Tiger

If seeking for Golden Tiger’s medicinal effects, here are some few ailments and disorders it can treat. Good for lowering anxiety, reduce long time pain, severe to light depression, tension, and fatigue. This cannabis may also be very helpful in alleviating headaches and stress.

Negative Effects of Golden Tiger

Hydration is the key for dry mouth and dry eyes, but with paranoia, this will only exist if too much Golden Tiger strain was consumed, so refrain from doing so to avoid these common side effects.

Growing Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger is much healthier when putting in a well-controlled environment than outdoors. This strain is quite very sensitive with too much hot or too much cold aside from it easily gets mold and pests because of how it smells. So, it will great to have temperature control and light as well with the proficient and proper set-up of ventilation.