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Golden Thai

Golden Thai

Be amazed at the beautiful colors of Golden Thai with flowers turning gold as she grows and exhibits purple hints; the cluster boasts a dashing light red, which adds unique beauty to her whole character.

SnowHigh Seeds developed this strain by combining the Gild King Thai and the Pablos Gold. This weed has a vast heritage with lineage from Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, and of course, Thailand.

Flavor and Effects of Golden Thai

Taste the wonderful exotic spice that creeps into your mouth upon first smoke and flavors of earthy and sweet fruity goodness. It has a deep pine flavor that compliments the overall taste of this weed.

Finish your upcoming project with the help of this marijuana; the uplifting euphoria will keep you focused with overflowing creative juices until the indica effects kick in with a calm and numbing high.

Medical Benefits of Golden Thai

Since this marijuana possesses numbing qualities, it is best suited for treating acute pain, spinal injury, arthritis, wounds from post-operation, and cancer symptoms. This can also help patients who are suffering from anorexia and lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Golden Thai.

There no known reports of paranoia associated with the use of the Golden Thai; however, some reports show that it may cause mild anxiety to some users. The most common side effects of using this weed are getting dry mouth; it is essential to drink water before smoking this pot.

Growing Golden Thai

Beginners and inexperienced growers of equatorial strain may face difficulty in growing this weed. This particular indica variety has mild photosensitivity if grown over or under 45 degree parallels whether indoor or outdoor of southern north hemispheres lighting is a must.