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Golden Tangie

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Golden Tangie is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain offspring after crossing the Golden Goat, known to have an extraordinary pretty flower with the Tangie, intense, and tasty cannabis.  Distinguished aromas to fill your nose would be the sweetness of citrus combines with the earthy smell on the exhale.

Flavor and Effects of Golden Tangie

The sweet and fruity orange flavor with an herbal tea twist intensified by slight floral and citrus aftertaste are the flavors that will provoke your body into rising energy levels, that will somehow keep your focus and boosting mood. You will also feel arousal as the high kicks in, leaving you a tingly effect all throughout from head to toes.

Medical Benefits of Golden Tangie

Golden Tangie is a perfect option for managing conditions such as prolonged fatigue, light to severe headaches or migraines, inflammation. This strain will also be beneficial to patients suffering from PTSD, the same as the loss of appetite.

Negative Effects of Golden Tangie

What comes up must come down, and that downside part would be nauseous and a little dizzy, but if you took too much, paranoia would come after including the drying of mouth and eyes.

Growing Golden Tangie

To enjoy growing the Golden Tangie on outdoor, make sure to remove dead branches and leaves to make way for a better circulation of air nutrients on the plant. And when opting for an indoor environment, take note of the temperature. And as it nears to its flowering period, make sure to give more nutrients and adjust the lighting as well.