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Golden Goat x Creamsicle

Golden Goat x Creamsicle

Anyone who sees this beauty marvels at her broad forest green fan leaves loaded with crystal trichomes and amber hairs, adding volume and character to the whole structure. The Golden Goat x Creamsicle is a creation by Twisty Seeds, thru pollination of in-house male Creamsicle to a GoldenGoat female.

Flavor and Effects of Golden Goat x Creamsicle

Experience the refreshing flavors of this marijuana as you inhale the smoke, a string citrus lemon flavor lingers with hints of sweet and earthy undertones that will inevitably end in a lot of lip-smacking goodness. Immediately feel an exhilarating energy euphoric rush streaming through the head while loosening up the whole body when you smoke this beauty. This marijuana will give you the energy you need that last throughout the day.

Medical Benefits of Golden Goat x Creamsicle

One of the best qualities of this cannabis is it can provide tremendous comfort for patients who are suffering from acute pain, lupus, or arthritis. This weed can also help in controlling symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects of Golden Goat x Creamsicle.

Be careful not to use the Golden Goat x Creamsicle in large quantities, as it can induce anxiety and paranoia, especially to casual smokers. It can also cause dizziness to beginners and experienced users alike.

Growing Golden Goat x Creamsicle

In growing this particular weed, one should be equipped with fundamental knowledge in the cultivation of marijuana as this plant will require proper trimming and feeding. Make sure not to overfeed her during the early stages of growth.