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Golden Calyx

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From combing the  Platinum Calyx with Golden Goat, it resulted in a strain called Golden Calyx; it is rare not just on its appearance that has enchanting buds and catchy fleecy elongated bright green nugs, rich amber undertones, and hairs with striking yellowish crystal trichomes everywhere. This cannabis will push you to the edge when you feel very down and lazy, just enough stimulation to get tasks done right away. This is great for morning use, or during your lethargic hours.

Flavor and Effects of Golden Calyx

Flavors to enjoy are the sweet pineapple taste with tropical flavors and rich lavender aftertaste that will surely enhance and uplift your mood, give you energy and relaxes your body tension as well, but as the high sets down, there will be a sense of arousal. 

Medical Benefits of Golden Calyx

Golden Calyx can be beneficial if you are suffering from chronic pain, irritating eye pressure, headaches, muscle spasms, and reducing your stress.

Negative Effects of Golden Calyx

Consuming Golden Calyx has negative effects on the side, such as irritation on the eyes due to drying; dry mouth will also be experienced the same with slight dizziness after.

Growing Golden Calyx

Since this is a rare strain, it should be treated with proper care and use methods. Simple removing of the dead leaves and branches will be essentially the same as topping it. But if cultivating this indoor, try to use hydroponics, it will double your yield, and at the same time, there is no waste of space.