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Gold Honey

Gold Honey

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Paisa Grow Seeds created the Gold Honey through patience and incredible passion for excellence and the quality of their product. They combined specific strains, the Afghan Honey Kush, and the Superchoo to create a well-balanced weed, a robust and colorful exterior packed with potency. The structure of this cannabis is a standard Christmas tree with plenty of branches paired with lush forest green fan leaves and deep purple hues on its blade.

Flavor and Effects of Gold Honey

Anyone would love the unique and harmonious sensation it will provide to your tastebuds. Taste the flavors of rich dark honey combined with delicious sweet pineapple and some citrus and fruity hints. As you savor the incredible flavors of this weed, you will get to enjoy a cerebral rush and skyrocketing energy, letting you get on with your day. Due to the complexity of her gene, the effects do not have any psychoactive or sedative effects, the perfect balance between right and light that you can consume any time of the day.

Medical Benefits of Gold Honey

The Gold Honey has been a staple for many in combating pain, which may be caused by muscle strains, arthritis, lupus, and even fibromyalgia. The energy and uplifting effect of this marijuana also help patients deal with anxiety, depression, and stress.

Negative Effects of Gold Honey.

It is very uncommon to experience severe harmful effects from this strain, but some users may experience slight headaches or migraines after using his strain. This weed may also give you the cloud mouth, especially when consumed by smoking the pot.

Growing Gold Honey

This weed can be cultivated by beginners outdoors, but the more experienced growers can breed this marijuana indoors. This is a healthy plant that is resistant to diseases so it can stand outdoor growing, but you have to check it for molds. An indoor growing light schedule of 18/6 will be ideal for this marijuana’s continuous growth.

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