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This is an interesting weed variety even from its name. It is marijuana that was produced by the breeder YAK. Its lineage is Brain OG (available in the clone version only) and the Adam weeds variety from Jack the Ripper phenol produced by YAK. The Brain OG originated from Lemon OG and Sour Diesel.

Flavor and Effects of Goku-sh

Flavors are sweet, citrus, and fruity. It is energetic Sativa varieties that can help you recharged and regain some energy. It can make you creative, happy, and contented. It is mostly used for the day but a great alternative for the night when you want some strength when you have to finish some tasks and have a good high before retiring to bed.

Medical Benefits of Goku-sh

You can use this for your medical needs just as many patients have run to this weed variety when they need to manage their pain and combat depression and anxiety. It is also helpful for insomnia and getting back your good appetite.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Goku-sh

Smoking marijuana is joined by some side effects. If you are new to marijuana medication or a variety like this one, take it in a low dosage to avoid severe side effects. Common negative effects are headache, dry mouth, anxiety, or dry eyes.

Growing Goku-sh 

Goku-sh is easy to cultivate if you are ready to grow a marijuana plant. You need to ensure that it receives its need like lighting, air ventilation, space, nutrients, water, and others. Most marijuana plants have common needs but make sure to know the better choice for your plant is.

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