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God’s Gift

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Whatever religious affiliation you may be in, God’s gift is definitely an exciting gift that you would like to unwrap right away. A mix of potent strains Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, it can survive either outdoors or indoors with a flowering span of 60 days. It’s high THC delivers mostly indica effects making it perfect for recreational, meditation or relaxation usage. It produces dark green nugs covered with attractive purple trichome details and beautiful orange pistils.
As reported by its long-term users, it delivers a dreamy, euphoric high. Believed to firstly become popular in the dispensaries of California in 2005, God’s gift is absolutely a gift not only for experienced growers and users alike but also for novices.

Flavor and Effects of God’s Gift

God’s gift is a fresh blend of fruity flavors reminiscent of citrus and grapes with earthy hash overtone. The effect strikes just around 30 minutes from your first inhale. It feels like a near-death experience beckoning you to follow the light. As per users, the feeling is similar to having a heavy stone tied to you and sinking down the abyss of the ocean. You will fight to stay afloat, but seeing the beautiful sea plants and creatures, you will just decide to surrender to your fate.

Medical Benefits of God’s Gift

God’s gift is wrapped with medical benefits such as downplaying anxiety, stress and depression symptoms. It can be smoked to relieve physical pains such as muscle pains, muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines. If you are having trouble catching the z’s, the indica properties can definitely help you out. It is also good for inducing appetite for those suffering from the loss of appetites such as anorexia and bulimia.

Negative Effects of God’s Gift

With a THC level that reaches 22%, the strain’s potency may not sit well with users who have a low tolerance. It will leave you with a bad case of dry mouth. Difficulty in focusing has been reported as well. Hallucinations are also rampant. Going out may not be a good idea since you can be in an illogical state and can be distracted easily.

Growing God’s Gift Some Information and Tips

God’s gift can survive indoors or outdoors but indoors growing is recommended more. In an indoors setup, the strain can flower in 60 days or between 8 €“ 9 weeks. The temperature should never exceed 68 €“ 80 degrees Fahrenheit and moisture levels should be around 30 €“ 40% RH. Exceeding the recommended levels can give rise to dreaded molds.
If you prefer to grow outdoors, having warm, dry summer and fall months will work to your advantage.
The best growing method suitable for God’s gift is the hydroponics and Sea of Green setup. To maximize yield, remember thinning the canopy. Pruning should be done while the plants are still young.
In terms of fertilizer, God’s gift is fine with overfeeding. Fertilizers can be in pellet form, liquid, etc. It loves potassium and nitrogen, and an adequate amount of phosphorus in its diet. When you say adequate, it means it should be half of the potassium amount.