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GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies is an unbelievably Indica-leaning hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain was first made by Divine Genetics, an organization committed to developing intense and tasty strains of cannabis that are commonly implied for experienced stoners. Be that as it may, Divine Genetics doesn’t list where they work nor do they notice where every one of their restrictive strains was made, with regards to data about this strain. GMO Cookies is a cross between the heinous Girl Scout Cookies with Chemdawg. This strain is also sold under the name “Garlic Cookies” since it delivers a fragrance that scents precisely like garlic.

Flavor and Effects of GMO Cookies

The flavors of GMO Cookies are earthy, garlic, and diesel. GMO Cookies weighs vigorously on the relaxing side. The usual effects can be experienced in this strain such as the sensation of happiness and feeling euphoric. Interestingly, while highly soothing, it doesn’t ordinarily prompt serious sedation or rest. Rather, it basically crushes any sort of physical or mental strain thus improving mind-set and invigorates craving. GMO is powerful during times when clients need to invest energy alone and unwind while staying calm and fiery enough to appreciate some light side interests or stimulation. This strain is best for night use. GMO Cookies also provides instant relief and caters to mental issues for a long time. Utilization of this strain will give you a sense of euphoria and a mellow case of munchies after the last few puffs. Impacts of this strain is very long-lasting, and for that, users suggest to utilize this strain during a planned session.

Medical Benefits of GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies has turned out to be one of the most famous Indicas in ongoing history, as medical patients and recreational smokers buy it for side effects of depression, tension, sleeping disorder, lack of craving, irritation, and fatigue. This strain is also used to relieve pain, aches, and tension in the body.

Negative Effects of GMO Cookies

Since this strain is so powerful, it’s essential to leave yourself a lot of time to recuperate before doing anything confusing, especially driving. This might also leave the user couch-locked for hours. Users also claim to experience a tingling sensation in consuming this strain.

Growing GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies is only accessible in an ordinary, photoperiod variant. Probably if the strain is as effective as it has the right to be, feminized and auto-flowering adaptations will pursue soon. In functional terms, this implies novices could develop GMO Cookies. However, they should know about the way that it will require more consideration than a super-simple auto flowerer. This strain has a great structure and has branches with dense, resin-abundant buds.