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Ghost OG

Ghost OG

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With this indica-dominant hybrid, strain comes out Ghost OG, which comes from the cut of OG Kush. Even though this strain is indica-dominant, this gives the well-balanced cerebral and body effects upon consuming it. Also, this strain is a renowned one as it won itself a Cup award.

This strain gives the fantastic citrus, earthy, sweet, pungent, and orange flavor. Ghost OG is the best remedy for conditions like chronic pain and depression. Thus, this strain is also best in elevating one’s mood and draws you in great relaxation and sleep.

Flavor and Effects of Ghost OG

The perfect combination of sweet, citrus, orange taste with a hint of pungent and a touch of earthy tone this strain will let you savor in both fragrance, but more on the flavor. Even on just the first whiff of this strain, it will automatically send a tingle rush through your body, which will heighten up spirits and may send numbness throughout your limbs. Also, if you want to unravel all the ideas and thoughts you have deeply restored, this is best on untangling on it, and thus, it enhances your creativity.

If you wanted to engage in conversations with new people or even stranger, taking this strain will give you the boldness and slowly takes away the shyness of yours. Furthermore, if you wanted to stay and keep the relaxation in no disturbance with the surroundings, then this strain is best to consume.

Medical Benefits of Ghost OG

Ghost OG strain will take away the stress you have been dealing with for a long time as it increases the euphoric level, which will help you to overcome it and wanted laughter more. Patients who experience chronic pain, whether accidental or not, short-term or not, consuming this stain will ease that pain and gives you great relief on it.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, or even on day time, whiffing this strain will drag you in the realm of sleepiness and makes you in a state of full relaxation. Patients who have been showing symptoms of depression may also use this as a remedy as this heightens up the mood, and will help in overcoming it. Also, those who have trouble or lacking in their appetite; this strain is best as it thrives you to get food and to eat that.

Negative Effects of Ghost OG

Taking of this strain will make your eyes and mouth (cottonmouth) dry. Consumption of this in high dosage, especially for novice users, would make your head spin around and may feel headache. Also, an improper amount of taking this will make you experience paranoia.

Growing Ghost OG

This strain is easy to cultivate and can be grown indoor, outdoor, or even in a greenhouse. This strain thrives best on sunny and warm Mediterranean climates. The good thing upon growing this strain is that this is resistant to many common diseases and being low-maintenance in nature, which will help you.