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€œLarry Bird€ or commonly known as the €œGelato€ hybrid strain. This is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses from the genetics of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC from the Cookie Fam Genetics. This strain will give a thick and lung-expanding smoke, which will leave a softy and creamy taste per its name.

The sweet, citrus, earthy, fruity, and dessert-like flavor this strain will give. Gelato hybrid is best on easing migraines or headaches, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PSTD. Also, this strain is great on driving you in much laughter, more relaxation and wants you to crave for some social interaction.

Flavor and Effects of Gelato

The touch of sweet fruity citrus with a hint of dessert-like and touch of earthy tones this strain will let you savor upon consuming it. Initial effects upon whiffing this strain will alter your perceptions and quite raises confusion. This head rush effects may want the consumers to stay in bed or soft mattress with no things to do. Thus, it will leave you in a deep state of relaxation.

Gelato will give you the vibe of an increase in the euphoric level, which will tend to make you smile. Also, it can be great for engaging conversations with people. Hence, this strain is best on making you feel calm after a long day work, so the best time to take this is early evening or even daytime when you wanted to rest.

Medical Benefits of Gelato

Gelato has great powerful numbing effects that will ease chronic pains and fatigue. Also, this is best in curing migraines or headaches. By its head high effects, this can also be a great remedy for managing and overcoming symptoms of anxiety, depression, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Elevating one’s spirit is also the great benefit of taking this strain. Due to its lack of intense cerebral effects, taking this strain will may not likely put in a state of paranoia.

Negative Effects of Gelato

Consuming this strain will make you experience dry eyes and dry mouth (cottonmouth). Hence, too much usage or inappropriate dosage of this strain will make you experience dizziness and mild to moderate headaches.

Growing Gelato

Gelato can be grown indoor , outdoor, or even in a greenhouse. This strain best be grown in a warm and humid climate. If grown indoors, growers should put odor control like carbon air filters to remove fans in a place. Thus, if grown outdoor, around 75 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature is best. However, growers should expose this strain to cooler temperatures to bring out the strains purple. A proper amount of water and sunlight should be best observed. And if you wanted to use some fertilizers, make sure that’s it got the right amount.