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Gelato #33

Gelato #33 is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from crossing the genetics of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC from the renowned Cookie Fam of the Bay Area. This strain offers a great orange, earth, and mint flavor.

Gelato #33 hybrid is best on elevating happiness, moods, relaxation, creativity, and makes you more talkative. Also, this strain is a great remedy for conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, body aches, chronic pains, fatigue, arthritis, and insomnia.

Flavor and Effects of Gelato #33

Gelato #33 will give the great flavor of orange with the touch of mint and a hint of earthy tone upon consuming this. First whiffing this will automatically heighten up cerebral effects, or an instant head rush. Thus, this will make you in a great state of happiness and uplifts the spirit in great senses. Thus, an effect upon consuming this strain is quite intense, but it’s still good as it helps you to be in a state of relaxation. Soon after taking this, it will want you to sleep in long hours, or crave more for relaxation.

Furthermore, if you wanted to engage in fun conversations with new colleagues or even strangers, taking of this strain will bound to take away your shyness. And if you wish to raise and enhance creativity, then consuming this is strain is also great as it will help you to achieve that.

Medical Benefits of Gelato #33

Patients who wish to lower down or take off worrying about particular things can take this strain as this tends to help to level down anxiousness. The head high this strain gives the best on curing depression, anxiety, and stress, which will make you overcome it. As this increases the euphoric level, it will bring you in a state of total bliss, and may add some motivation.

Additionally, the high effects will make you smile on to whatever situations keeps on arising, which will not stir stress. Also, this strain is best on curing physical pains like body aches, chronic pains, and fatigue. Especially, cramps, muscle spasms, or even arthritis. A high dosage of this strain will help you in fighting insomnia, and will surely give the best goodnight sleep.

Negative Effects of Gelato #33

Taking this strain will make you experience dry eyes and dry mouth. Sometimes the high dosage upon consuming this will makes you feel anxious.

Growing Gelato #33

This strain can be both grown indoor or outdoor with a warm climate. Hence, this strain is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, so best is to grow this indoor, though it can be still grown outdoor. An ample amount of water, sunlight, and fertilizer should be best observed to give the perfect taste and aroma.

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