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Gatekeeper OG is a hybrid strain, a sativa-dominant, bred as an effort to preserve the €œFarmer 12€ variant of OG Kush. This strain’s breeding methods consisted of crossing Sensi Star, Medicine Man, and OG Kush.

This strain was backcrossed with OG Kush many more times until its earthy pine fragrance, and compelling effect variant is emphasized. The high springs with a cerebral head dash felt almost instantly after toking that moves you fiercely uplifted and motivated.

Flavor and Effects of Gatekeeper OG

Gatekeeper OG has an original flowery pine fragrance with a trace of earthy pungency, and a delicious delight of woody earth that converts a slightly pungent as you exhale. When this strain is smoked or crushed into an edible form, the taste of the Gatekeeper OG strain is mostly perceived as natural, candied, with a brush of vanilla. You will feel blissfully happy and slightly hazy while being focused on the creative task is at hand.

Medical Benefits of Gatekeeper OG

This strain will make you utterly relaxed and slightly sedated. The firm effects, along with its high average THC content, puts Gatekeeper OG the perfect cannabis for patients experiencing conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic stress, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Gatekeeper OG

The adverse effects other than dry mouth and eyes are uncommon; however, remember that the majority of strains can cause anxiety or paranoia when using more than your tolerance level.

Growing Gatekeeper OG

This strain is a slightly Sativa herb that displays an Indica inclination frame. Though tall, its height is controllable and does not require early topping at all. Besides, for instances where the growing space is truly inadequate. In such cases, trimming the vegetative period short is essential.

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