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Game Changer

Game Changer

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In line with this strain’s name, this will automatically offer a high effect after just several minutes of smoking this, which is a great game-changer on users. This indica-dominant hybrid is breed from the genetics of California’s Purple Dragon and Green Thai (Thailand’s landrace sativa).

This strain gives the floral, tropical, grape, cheesy, tangy funk flavor. Game Changer is such a changer on conditions like stress, depression, ADD symptoms, fatigue, headaches, and anxiousness as it helps in curing it. Also, this will give you the vibe of uplifting in mood and relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of Game Changer

Floral taste with a touch of tropical grape and cheese with a hint of tangy funk this strain will make you savor as smoke or consume into. The primary effects on consuming this strain will tingle your face down to the edges of your body. As the strain submerges now into the limbs, this will wants you to take a full-body relaxation in no regards with the environment in long hours. Thus, this strain is best known for having the great effect of physical relaxation.

Furthermore, consuming this may untangle your thoughts, which will unravel creativity and enhances it. It can bring out the best ideas you’ve had, and make that an ice-breaker for conversations. Hence, this will wants you to crave social interactions and more laughter with people around you. If you wanted to spend the night in much relaxation simply, then this is best to take in the late afternoon or early evening as it helps you to stay calm both mentally and physically.

Medical Benefits of Game Changer

Patients who wanted to overcome and manage stress and depression, taking this strain, is a great benefit of that. Also, this sativa focus (tho not much) still gives the best remedy for people with attention deficit orders and helps to keep concentration on tasks. Furthermore, this will soothes aches and pains, whether chronic pain or not. Specifically, fatigues like migraines or headaches, arthritis, and muscle cramps or spasms. Patients who wanted to break free from being too anxious on things or who have low tolerance on THC may work best to take this.

Negative Effects of Game Changer

Low or high dosage in consuming this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry. Thus, inappropriate usage of this will lead to paranoia, dizziness and mild to moderate headaches.

Growing Game Changer

This strain may be grown indoor, outdoor, or even in a greenhouse. This strain grows best in a warm and dry climate with lots of sunlight. Additionally, this strain is resistant to common mild and mildew which is great to help upon growing this. Hence, the proper amount of water should be observed. And if you’re going to use fertilizer, make sure it’s suitable and observed the amount needed too.

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