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Fruit Punch

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Fruit Punch is already a winner when it comes to its parents, the three legendary strains that were pretty famous for their undeniable excellent terpene profile. They are called Skunk #1, the well-balanced cannabis, and the two leaning hybrid Haze and Northern Lights. Heavyweight Seeds was able to create the Fruit Punch with a high THC inherited from the three parents, but since it is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain you experience a sky-high that will buzz not just in your mind but also your body.

Fruit Punch is not only for recreational purposes, but it also engages to be part of the long list of medicinal marijuana that can be very valuable for cancer patients. Fruit Punch buds have delicious lumpy short light green nugs combined in spotted golden corals hues, fiery red, and blue colors. This strain is good when getting back on track if you feel lazy to do something more.

Flavor and Effects of Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch taste is dominated by a sugary taste of the fruit that is blended and mixed with the berry tropical tang and citrus fruity sweet zest. This cannabis strain stimulates intense cerebral happiness. Uplifts a very low mood, invigorates body and mind to do more things. It also has a boosting effect to start with your creativeness to share especially when you get to attend social events, this strain will make you feel chatty and not shy and aside from that it can be a cause and imply light arousal feeling.

Medical Benefits of Fruit Punch

It was one of the few strains to make it to the cannabis list with high medicinal effects. It can help lift depression and stress, aside from fatigue after working too hard. It can also improve an appetite depending and lessen the feeling of nausea and queasiness as well.

Negative Effects of Fruit Punch

Most common results after taking the Fruit Punch cannabis, the drying of the mouth and drying of the eyes will really likely to occur.  The paranoia will kick in and the dizziness if too much was used. Advice to newbies that this is a highly potent strain; therefore it must be used with caution and control.

Growing Fruit Punch

The Fruit Punch is widely known to be slender, which makes them very weak when it comes to a colder temperature. The most direct approach to do when cultivating either outside or inside, this must be grown in a Screen of Green. The benefits of Screen of Green doesn’t just stop on holding the branches when it is growing but also to support the stalks that easily get a break when the buds grow and are getting heavier but also it can help to make way for the air to get into the lower nodes, just like trimming.