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Firewalker OG

Firewalker OG

The Firewalker OG is a potent descendant of the Skywalker, a heavy-hitting strain and Fire OG, pleasant buzz from head to toes effects. This strain was able to help in improving the Fire OG qualities, makes it a better choice for it can last up to 3 hours of satisfying high.

Flavor and Effects of Firewalker OG

The delightful flavors of the sweet mix of citrus and floral twisted to a spicy herbal, earthy and woody taste to enjoy. Relaxing high that it can provide makes you feel happy and uplifted. As the high settles in your body, the tingles creep up from your head to toe, while making you feel so creative, that a gush of concepts will be profitable if you are having a hard time to focus and out of ideas when needed the most.

Medical Benefits of Firewalker OG

Medicinal benefits that this strain can provide crushing away the pain due to chronic disease, common headaches, and migraines and pain caused by injuries and severe cramps. I can also help in de-stressing and antidepressant to a busy and tedious day.

Negative Effects of Firewalker OG

Firewalker OG can have adverse effects such as the dry mouth and dry eyes, feeling anxious, and paranoia; slight headache can also be felt.

Growing Firewalker OG

With Firewalker OG the factors that are essential on its growth are the location and the climate to make sure that it can survive very well, and of course, on doubling the yield too.  This strain loves to be on the sunshine for too long, so if planning to cultivate the Firewalker OG indoors, it must be planned very well for this cannabis needs an expert pair of hands to grow it healthy.  No matter indoor or outdoor, this strain will need constant pruning to remove leaves and branches and topping as well to control the growth and improve light and air circulation.

Firewalker OG must be put on a warm climate especially when it is just starting to grow, this is because the soft stalks can easily get frosted at night when it is not protected, so, it is an imperative thing to cover it with temporary housing to give warmth. Then as it starts to get dense, stocky and hard then it is time to take it to the next level. Another method that needs to be initiated includes weaving it on a screen or the method called Screen of Green. The weaving process is very beneficial to hold the leaves very well since this plant grows very tall makes it harder to control. SOG can also give better breathing and passage of airways to lower nodes.