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Fire Haze

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A pure Sativa cannabis strain called Fire Haze is quite more on a mentally stimulating strain and can provide a heavy sedated sensation. Fire Haze is great to use every morning, for it has a herbal scent and upbeat experience.

Flavor and Effects of Fire Haze

A strain that will be loved for its nutty taste and herbal undertones The effects of Fire Haze is more on the kick of the head you will feel more focus and very sociable. You will also feel its energizing effect that will result in happiness.

Medical Benefits of Fire Haze

Fire Haze can reduce the tension and stress and great for anxiety and for patients with ADD/ ADHD and with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative Effects of Fire Haze

This can cause a dry mouth and eye pressure, but just a tip if you want to use this as an anti-pain for severe cases, this might not work according to what you expect for it does not give a relaxing response which is observed in Indica strains. It can give an effect where you will feel nervous at times, as well.

Growing Fire Haze

Just like other strain, the Fire Haze needs the basic essential care for plants such as nutrients to make it thrive but that cannot happen very well without pruning the leaves and dead branches to enhance not just the air circulation but also to expose other parts of the plants to ensure that it can  get rid of mold and diseases caused by wet and moist on stalks.