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Fighting Buddha

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Fighting Buddha is a unique hybrid strain designed by crossing the classic Burmese and Blueberry.  A Sativa dominant that will deliver a vigorous battle to control the mind and body but oddly satisfying, thanks to its heavy-hitting effects.

Flavor and Effects of Fighting Buddha

Fighting Buddha has sweet fruit berry with a hint of spice on the aftertaste. Great cannabis to fire the mind with creativity while being focused. With the high of Fighting Buddha. you will be energized and uplifted that provides a good feeling to be sociable.

Medical Benefits of Fighting Buddha

The depression and migraines pain will melt away the same as the fatigue that exists in your body. Fighting Buddha has a high chance to reverse mood swings and decrease nausea, as well.

Negative Effects of Fighting Buddha

Negative effects that you will feels would be mostly related to drying of both mouth and dry eyes, associated with headache and a little dizzy. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself before and after the session to prevent yourself from experiencing the side effects.

Growing Fighting Buddha

Fighting Buddha has a huge fighting chance even if it is cultivated in a cold land, but not as an ice-cold temperature that would be a different story. Outdoor growing is much easier for all of the plants need including the hot temperature is already provided by nature, but the challenge would be at night, which you will need a temporary shelter to give warmth and to keep it from freezing.