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F 13 Throwback

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A father DJ Short and son JD Short were combined to create the F13 Throwback. This cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid boasting the violet and blue colors on its elongated calyxes. Because of its THC level, this is ideal for daytime uses.

What is the Flavor and Effects of F13 Throwback

The palatable flavor that you want to devour, of fruity berries coated in sugar. F13 Throwback has an effect that can make you go all about your day, keeping you energize strain while very euphorically happy; it can also promote better focused with many things, hence give you more ideas.

Medical Benefits of F13 Throwback

For medicinal benefits, F13 Throwback has already been known to reducing stress and depression. It can also help in alleviating chronic pain, headaches, and migraines, as well. 

Negative Effects of F13 Throwback

Don’t be alarmed if you encounter an adverse reaction such as cottonmouth; eyes are drying the same as the mouth, slight dizzy for it is al part of the after-effects. But when you took too much, then paranoia will kick.

Growing F13 Throwback

F13 Throwback is best to grow indoor where you can create your own garden well-controlled, including all the factors that s needed to grow, such as the right temperature and lighting according to it is needed and which is according to its phase too. You should also do pruning and watering your plants.