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Ethiopian by Ace Seeds is a traditional subtropical African Sativa, made perfect in towering high and a heavy structure plant and a pure Sativa dominant with no crossing.   

Flavor and Effects of Ethiopian

The Ethiopian has a subtle taste of citrus and wood chips twisted with a little spicy kick. This strain can make you feel so sociable with other people during the event, perfect if you are the shy type, it also provides a high that can make you feel focused, which presents you are more prolific when it comes to tasks that need to be done at a specific time. 

Medical Benefits of Ethiopian

This strain can be your aid in depression, remove stress and tensions in your body, diminish all your pain inside, and change it to a boosting effect. Ethiopian is also sued for stimulating appetite, no matter for what reason.

Negative Effects of Ethiopian

Side effects such as drying of mouth and eyes are just a few from what you can experience after taking it. Ethiopian can also be a cause of dizziness and paranoia after overdosing, so better to use it in a controlled manner than abusing way.

Growing Ethiopian

To grow Ethiopian, the strain’s ability to resist the common mold is a very lucky trait to have, for it can lessen your burden on taking care of it. However, since it is not susceptible to pests, it is highly required to address the problem with organic spray coming from essentials oils such as coming from the Neem trees.