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(AKA Alien Dawg cut)

Created by Cali Connection, Ether is an original cut of Alien Dawg. It emits an intense pungent fragrance. It has a sour and acrid aroma. Accentuated by the smell of chemicals and diesel, it releases a peppery, earthy smell as the nugs are broken or burned. The plant grows impressively large and solid flowers. Its nugs are small, round, and dark green with amber hairs blanketed by matching trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Ether

Ether is a blended taste of hash enhanced by spicy pepper and earth while contrasted by a sour chemical. On the exhale, it leaves a diesel aftertaste that lasts for hours even after the last toke.

Its fast and hard cerebral high lifts you on euphoria. You will be uplifted and happy. Soon this feeling will turn stoney, leaving your head heavy. A tingling sensation quickly spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you sleepy and completely relaxed. Ether is perfect for evening use.

Medical Benefits of Ether

Ether can help with the management of health conditions of patients suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, and PTSD. It is a proven analgesic, anxiolytic, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Ether.

Cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes are side effects of slight dehydration you can get from Ether. Ingesting sufficient amounts of fluids will mitigate the mentioned negative reactions.

Rarely, greening out may also occur. This is characterized by anxiety, dizzy spells and worse, paranoia. This is due to overconsumption of the strain, especially to novices who have a low tolerance to it. Moderation is advised.

Growing Ether

Sadly, seeds of Ether are not available for sale online. Aspirant growers should obtain clippings of mature plants that can be grown as clones. Ether is short, compact, and is lined with dense foliage. It has broad fan leaves that turn into a deep shade of purple when shocked at cold night temperatures. You need to prune and trim it once in a while. It is a sturdy resilient plant that beginner growers will enjoy cultivating. It also loves a cool outdoor climate.