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Emerald OG

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Developed by the California Breeders Association, Emerald OG is a cross between Fire OG and Emerald Diesel. It gives off a subtle fragrance of pungent floral citrus. The buds have bright emerald-green colored, medium-sized Christmas tree-shaped nugs with bold orange hairs and chunky milky translucent trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Emerald OG

Emerald OG is a delicious concoction of delicate floral with a hint of pungent citrus that sweetens to vanilla upon exhale.

Its fast-acting mental high brings moderate euphoria, energy, and creativity. As it fades, a heaviness sets in and envelops you in total relaxation. You will be pain-free and lethargic. In the end, this strain eases you into a blissful sleep. This said Emerald OG is the bud perfect for nighttime use.

Medical Benefits of Emerald OG

Emerald OG is helpful in the medical management of illnesses such as ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, headaches, insomnia, migraines, nightmares, PMS, and stress. Its many therapeutic properties render it to be an effective analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, and muscle relaxant.

Negative Effects of Emerald OG.

Dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes are side effects manifested from cannabis-induced dehydration. Drink lots of fluids and watch it slowly fade away. You can also use an eye moisturizer drops to soothe those irritated, red eyes.

Greening out is also possible when using Emerald OG. You may feel dizzy and anxious. This is normal, especially to novices who have a low tolerance to the strain. Don’t fret, this is temporary and disappears after some time.

Growing Emerald OG

Emerald OG seeds are available for sale online. This plant thrives indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, it likes a humid, Mediterranean-like climate with daytime temperatures in the 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

Appearance-wise, it grows short and bushy. Its leaves are broad and shaped like fans. It should be trained early on through pruning and trimming to fit in smaller indoor spaces and to allow proper air and light circulation. You should choose a spacious enough area where it can expand freely.

To bring out its eye-catching purple hues, you should expose or shock the plants cold (but not freezing) temperatures late in the vegetative stage. You may also try different cultivation methods such as hydroponics or the use of water as a medium. Better nutrient absorption can be achieved and a shortened flowering time. You may also stick to the traditional use of soil. Soil brings better flavors and scent by improving the buds’ terpene profile.

Emerald OG flowers after 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. An expected 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter is likely to be harvested. Outdoors, it is ready for harvest in late October with a better yield count.

Take note that when caring for this plant, you must remove and throw away dead parts. Choose high-quality organic soil for planting. Check the pH of the plant near its roots. Feed it with the proper nutrients. Lastly, watch out for mold and mildew as well as pests that can damage it.