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Emerald Jack

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Emerald Jack is the descendant after cross-breeding the Jack Herer and Emerald OG, a Sativa dominant strain that is yet to be enjoyed very well during a deep relaxation without thinking about worries. 

Flavor and Effects of Emerald Jack

A tasty skunky with citrus and pine can be more enjoyable with the happy pleasing effect that will boost your mood and uplift you. It can also promote creativity while you are in a euphoric state and aroused.

Medical Benefits of Emerald Jack

A great stress reliever acts as an anti-depression and anti-pain; those mentioned are just the major medicinal effects of the Emerald Jack, aside from the reducing of the fatigue and spasticity.

Negative Effects of Emerald Jack

You will feel very anxious together with the dry eyes as side effects, but in some instances, you will also feel paranoid, slightly dizzy, and the drying of the mouth. Keep yourself hydrated in case the following symptoms happen, for it can reduce the effects.

Growing Emerald Jack

Emerald Jack grows very tall, so there are certain methods that will be needed to do form the start. Outdoor or indoor, it is a must that the Emerald Jack should be topped right from the early stage, to control the growth and at the same time, to give passage to air and light for a better circulation among other nodes. Another thing is to put a support on the branch, because as it gets to maturity branches will be heavier, thus having tendencies to break and bend.  For indoor planting, you should set-up a controllable environment to sustain its needs.