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Electric Lemonade was from Palomar Craft Cannabis and has been known for its potent high which were inherited from the parents, called the Tahoe OG, one of the best sought numbing influences that wander off everywhere in the entire body and famous Blue Dream strain that brings motivation and intensified focus after taking it. 

Electric Lemonade is well best described to have a narrowed heart-like forest and dirty developing green nugs, mixed with is rusty hairs and most of all its trichomes have a frosty looking covering with its little yellowish crystals. 

Flavor and Effects of Elephant

The stocky flowers of the Elephant display a sweet and sour aroma that is nostalgic of citrus and candy while also streaks of a strong spiciness linger in your tongue. The Elephant has a great cerebral buzz that rapidly punches the head and induces a strong euphoria. This strain will get you communicating with other people cheerfully with no hesitation and arouse the creative side that will satisfy you and make you feel uplifted but focused.

Medical Benefits of Elephant

This strain focuses on chronic pain and different pain as well, such as headache, migraine and other various uncomfortable forms of discomfort.  Having the Elephant completely for a day can make your cravings arise and have an appetite, a good option for loss of appetite situation, and decreasing the fatigue and stress in the body, as well.

Negative Effects of Elephant

The Elephant can cause a very dry mouth and dry eyes. But since this strain is so delectable to the palate, users tend to overdose, so the unlikable effect is the agonizing eye pressure caused by the inflamed dry eyes, the cottonmouth, feeling the paranoia after taking and temporary memory loss aside from the headache. 

Growing Elephant

The Elephant must be grown by gardeners with side experience for there are certain qualities of Elephant that change over its flowering phase. First, dealing with its density, doing the Screen of Green method is highly recommended to control the growth of the batch according to the height that you wanted it to be. Trimming them while in that method is much easier too, you don’t need to struggle very much. Another thing to consider is, it is quite weak when it comes to its resistance against diseases; therefore, the only successful method for indoor planting is using hydroponics. Mediums for hydroponics have a lot of differences but the soil can always retain the natural flavor of the strain. With hydroponics, you can ensure that the plant can get enough water and can make it healthier and away from diseases.