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Electric Lemon

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Electric Lemonade was from Palomar Craft Cannabis and has been known for its potent high which were inherited from the parents, called the Tahoe OG, one of the best sought numbing influences that wander off everywhere in the entire body and famous Blue Dream strain that brings motivation and intensified focus after taking it. 

Electric Lemonade is well best described to have a narrowed heart-like forest and dirty developing green nugs, mixed with is rusty hairs and most of all its trichomes have a frosty looking covering with its little yellowish crystals.

Flavor and Effects of Electric Lemonade

Inviting berries and floral flavors to taste with its lemon and orange twisted by earthy flavors will be provided by this strain. When it comes to the raging effects you’ll feel imaginative energy to keep you motivated to be productive and rushing over your euphoric happiness. It will also fill you up with uplifting high spirits that will kindle tingly effects, thus pushing it into an arousal state of the body  but not fidgety and disturbed

Medical Benefits of Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade is assumed to have perfect qualities for managing ailments such as chronic pain, loss of appetite either from after going through chemotherapy or because of mental and emotional issues such as to mention is the anorexia. It can also be beneficial to nausea, helping patients who have ADD or ADHD, and reducing symptoms of chronic stress or anxiety.

Negative Effects of Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade can naturally cause you dryness, not just on your mouth and eyes, but also when it comes to the throat, these effects are caused by the high THC level. If you have a higher sensitivity to  THC, you can always make other choices instead of using this strain for this one can make you feel very paranoid is some manner and at the same time, increasing your level of anxiety.

Growing Electric Lemonade

This strain can very well thrive with the outdoor or indoor set-up. Preparation for both settings is far different including its materials that will be needed. Cultivating outside must have at least a healthy oil to start with; this can be done by putting organic materials on the soils. If that organic material already incorporated itself into the soil, it can already be used for planting. Another method to do is the mulching, this is basically, putting any fruity peels in your garden, this way, unwanted weeds, and grass won’t be able to grow. At the same time, with mulching, moisture will be stored up under which makes it good if you forgot watering your beloved batch of Electric Lemonade. 

Now, for indoor, you can set up a temperature controller so, you can adjust the temperature inside and make sure that they will get the appropriate lighting and different phase of the growing Electric Lemonade strain.