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Egyptian Royalty #1

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With a mysterious breeder, Egyptian Royalty #1 comes from the lineage of Blackberry Kush and Elderberry Kush. It emits a pungent citrus scent. This indica leaning strain has green and purple-hued resinous buds covered with orangey pistils and crystal-like trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Egyptian Royalty #1

Egyptian Royalty #1 is a flavorful concoction of pungent citrus.

Its cerebral and body high fills your mind with euphoria and happiness and blankets your body with a blissful peace that relaxes you and makes you hungry, lazy, and couch-locked. It is recommended to be used in the evening time.

Medical Benefits of Egyptian Royalty #1

Egyptian Royalty #1 is an effective treatment for those patients who suffer from nausea, pain, stress, and appetite loss. Its indica and sativa effects are perfect analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, appetite booster, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Egyptian Royalty #1.

Reports of dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes are noted from using Egyptian Royalty #1. Downing on a few glasses of water than the usual will lessen the side effects. It is also advised to use an eye moisturizer to soothe those irritated eyes.

Anxiety, dizzy spells, and worse, paranoia may occur in rare cases. This is due to overconsumption, so go slow with the doses, especially if you are a novice smoker.

Growing Egyptian Royalty #1

Egyptian Royalty #1 grows both indoors and outdoors. Appearance-wise, it is short and bushy with strong lateral branching patterns. You need to occasionally prune and trim it to prevent moisture and overcrowding. You can try using soil as the medium for cultivation. This improves the flavors and scent of the plant. Hydroponics or the use of water is another way of cultivation. This improves better nutrient absorption and hastens flowering time.