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East Coast Alien 

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East Coast Alien was created by combining the East Coast Sour D, also go by the name NYC Diesel that is known to be very enormous and potent, and the other one is the famous Alien Technology that came from the Afghan race. Both parents have excellent qualities that were inherited by the East Coast Alien that made it heavy-hitting cannabis to try. 

Flavor and Effects of East Coast Alien

The unique taste of East Coast Alien is its chemical taste with a diesel twist of a sour minty taste. Though the taste is not that sweet, it can provide the energy you will need to make things and will be creative. This strain can also help in relaxation that is really uplifting and happy. 

Medical Benefits of East Coast Alien

East Coast Alien is good at reducing stress and depression, pain crushing from cramps to headaches even with migraines. It can be beneficial if mood swings arise, it can reduce the symptoms. 

Negative Effects of East Coast Alien

You will feel a little disturb with the eye pressure that you will experience, including the drying of the eyes and drying of the mouth as well. 

Growing East Coast Alien

The basic needs should be given to this stain, such as water and nutrients. Fertilizers can be organic or chemical, but most gardeners would rather use organic to make sure that new growth buds won’t be affected by its harsh chemicals.