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Produced by Next Generation Seed Company, Dynamite comes from the lineage of Grapefruit variety with another unknown hybrid strain. The tempting aroma it emits is a mixture of sour, fruity, and sweet scents. Its smell is a resemblance to that of grapefruit. It grows resinous stocky frosty pale green buds that bloom in stunning hues of purple and pink. It gained recognition when it won 1st place in the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards last 2005 as best strain overall.

Flavor and Effects of Dynamite

Dynamite is a unique concoction of pungent, tangy and citrus flavor of grapefruit. Its thick smoke has a fruity flavor that relaxes your nerves.

Its subtle cerebral and powerful body high brings a calming euphoria that makes you happy, giggly, and at ease at the same time. It is best used in the evening or night time due to its sedative effects.

Medical Benefits of Dynamite

Medically speaking, Dynamite possesses analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, and relaxant properties. It is greatly beneficial to those people who suffer from anxiety, arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraines, nightmares, and stress.

Negative Effects of Dynamite.

Two of the common cannabis-induced dehydration side effects are cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes. This is not a grave matter to worry about and usually tapers down as you replenish yourself by drinking lots of water. You can also use an eye moisturizer drops to soothe those irritated eyes.

Some consumers complain of greening out when using Dynamite. This is characterized by anxiety, dizziness and worse, paranoia. This is due to overconsumption, so go slow with the doses, especially if you are a novice smoker.

Growing Dynamite

Dynamite grows indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The plant grows short and squat with broad fan leaves. You must prune the leaves once in a while to allow enough air and light circulation among the leaves of the plant. It is a good compact production strain with tight internodal spacing and fast-maturing buds.

Indoors, it flowers after 50 days with an above-average yield. In a greenhouse, Dynamite grows in most other parts of Canada. Under sunlight, it finishes flowering around mid-October. Outdoors, it loves a temperate climate. Farmers in North California and in Texas have reported yields of one pound of buds per plant.

Other measures in caring for this strain include trimming it when it grows too high and uneven. Remove and discard rotten parts. Plant it in a spacious area for it to thrive freely. Choose high-quality organic soil for planting. Check the pH of the plant. Feed it with the proper nutrients. Watch out for mold and mildew, as well as pests that can ravage it. Lastly, do not expose it to extreme temperatures that may cause its death.