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Dutch Kush

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Bred by the Paradise Seeds company in Amsterdam, Dutch Kush comes from an unknown origin. It gives off an aroma of pungent florals with a hint of coffee-flavored earth that’s slightly sweet as the nugs are burned. The buds have long chunky, dense, bright neon green nugs with bold orange hairs and a blanket of tiny bright white crystal trichomes. Dutch Kush gained popularity when it bagged 1st place at the Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2016 (Hydro).

Flavor and Effects of Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush is a delectable mix of sweet caramel coffee flavor accented by sugars and flowers on the exhale.

Its cerebral and body high brings euphoria, happiness, creativity, giggles, an uplifted mood, and complete relaxation. A warming body sensation will sneak up on you and lull you into a slightly sedative state. Hunger pangs will hit you hard before you fall into a deep and blissful sleep. Dutch Kush is a perfect companion for an evening of peace.

Medical Benefits of Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush can help with the management of health conditions such as anorexia, depression, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, and stress. Its indica and sativa nature acts as an analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, appetite booster, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Dutch Kush.

Regardless of the strain, cannabis plants cause dehydration. Users usually experience dryness of mouth and eyes when using Dutch Kush. It is advised to down on a few glasses of water than your usual intake. A good eye moisturizer drop can also be helpful in soothing those irritated eyes.

Greening out is also possible when using this strain. Anxiety, dizziness, and worse, paranoia may occur in rare cases. Not to worry, this is temporary and goes after some time. This is due to overconsumption, so go slow with the doses, especially if you are a beginner.

Growing Dutch Kush

Dutch Kush grows short. You can plant it indoors or out. Indoors, it is well suited for Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods. Outdoors, it loves a warm and sunny climate. When it starts to flower, it gives off a strong and pungent aroma. Thus, odor control measures should be placed. Carbon filters and exhaust fans can be used indoors. Outdoors, it is best to select a garden away from people who might be bothered by the offensive smell. For Dutch Kush, you must also be cautious with humidity to prevent mold from developing.