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Dutch Haze

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The Dutch Haze acts like a fuel in the body, for it gives a rocketing high that can make you feel so accomplished. Dutch Passion created the Dutch Haze, a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that was well thought, and this is the result after long years of breeding to produce an outstandingly perfect phenotype. This strain will be a good addition to your morning marijuana to enjoy or a great morning routine to start with

Flavor and Effects of Dutch Haze

Dutch Haze has a sweet floral taste mixed with its earthy pine undertones. This cannabis provides an energized type of happiness accompanied by arousal with lifted feeling, thus making you more creative and productive, perfect for a situation when you feel lazy to do things. 

Medical Benefits of Dutch Haze

This strain is best to use if you re going through depression. It can also be a good option, too, if you are suffering from stress and fatigue. 

Negative Effects of Dutch Haze

The adverse effect that might occur with Dutch Haze is just dry mouth,  and this minimal issue can be controlled by hydrating before and after the session. 

Growing Dutch Haze

Dutch Haze is famous for its resistance against spider mites and molds. To ensure a healthier batch of this strain, it should be topped at an early stage to control growth aside from pruning it regularly to avoid mold and mildews when indoor is an option for growing.