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Durban Poison

Durban Poison

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Durban Poison is already epic when it comes to its origin, obvious to its name that it came from Durban. This is what they call the Pure South African Sativa and known to be the ultimate African flower that was found by an American Cannabis advocate Ed Rosenthal and brought it to the United States in the 1870s.

It provides a famous sky-high potent that is completely cheerful. Luckily, thanks to its THC level that can cheer up, even with patients with ADHD and ADD symptoms can be sedated with this cannabis. Perfect strain to make you active with such as house chores and morning activities as well.

Flavor and Effects of Durban Poison

Durban Poison has a sweet flavor from citrus and pine with a little twist to the herbal and earthy taste. This strain is quite good with uplifting mood and energizes when you feel down.  Happiness is very euphoric that will push more on having more ideas and be creative, which is quite good for presentation or events that you must think clearly but pouring with many ideas.

Medical Benefits of Durban Poison

True to its name,  the medicinal effects properties will creep into your body like a poison to de-stress you up and remove all the depression in your body.  Pain and fatigue would vanish away after using this strain, aside from reducing nausea to make you feel better. Another listed medical benefits include bipolar disorder.

Negative Effects of Durban Poison

Common unlikable effects are drying of the mouth and dry eyes in the combination of irritation that will puff and red out. You will feel a little anxious and paranoid at times, with a slight headache.

Growing Durban Poison

Durban Poison is resistant to molds and as well as pests; however, that depends on which environment set-up. For the basic method, pruning must be done, it is basically removing all dead leaves on the plants including branches that stop nutrients from flowing to other parts.

For outdoor set-up, it can always get through any environments, as long as it is not that hot and not too cold. If considering, try to create a temporary covering at night just to protect the plant from frosting.

Indoor planting might be a little expensive but much more convenient considering that you can control the environment with its temperature and the lighting which will be used to help it flowering method. Proper ventilation should also be installed, you can set up high-end ventilation or you can just use a simple fan to keep the plants from getting molds. Though it might not be seen, plants that stay indoor most likely get to catch a disease because of low humidity. And at the same time, double yield by using methods such as Sea of Green.

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