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Durban Cookies

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Durban Cookies was created by combining the two famous strains called the Durban Poison, 100% Sativa most wanted due to its intense but clean effect, and the famous Girl Scout Cookies that is known for its sky-high potency with couch-lock effects that will lead you all the way to best recreation. 

Durban Cookies indeed inherited the parent’s excellent qualities, but as most cannabis fans knew, it is just momentary but quite intense to enjoy. Good choice to choose for a morning routine for it has a way to keep you productive.

Flavor and Effects of Durban Cookies

The cookie flavors with a twist of nutty, coffee vanilla then ends in the palate as the earthy woody taste is exciting to taste to make you feel energize and happy. The mood-boosting effect will uplift your inflection and keep you focused and well relaxed. 

Medical Benefits of Durban Cookies

Durban Cookies might be short-lived of effects, but it can help in treating depression, act as a stress reliever, anti-pain, lowers symptoms of fatigue and can also ease up the headaches. 

Negative Effects of Durban Cookies

Adverse effects that are quite very obvious after taking Durban Cookies are the mouth is dry, and in some instances, you will feel dizzy, eyes are irritated due to drying, feel paranoid, and very anxious. 

Growing Durban Cookies

For outdoor cultivation, Durban Cookies can last long even for long but should be avoided if the temperature hits the red button, then this plant will likely to get wilted, affecting not just its growth and but also its strength to give a high THC and lower its production level. When growing outdoors you won’t need any equipment to take care of it, just take the course of nature and it is not expensive. Maybe a little preparation is required, such as composting to keep soil healthy but that’s it. 

Indoor planting might be a little challenge for this plant topping it early must be done to prevent shorting of space for growing. Another way to keep it easier indoors is Screen of Green Method, or in short, weaving the branches into the screen, in this way, the sunlight will be evenly distributed thus making healthier buds and will simply and possibly double the yield. This method will also be helpful in attaining the great circulation of the air for the lower nodes. Hydroponics is also helpful but it is up to you if what medium you should use, but most growers used Mapito as one of its best options. Mapito is made up of rockwool and coco air, these mixtures is beneficial in great absorption of oxygen as it retains the moisture on the plant.