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Bred by Dynasty Seeds, Drizella is a delectable combination of Space Queen, Cinderella 99, and White Widow. The mixture of the strong genetics produced a tall plant with dark olive green leaves shaped like popcorns covered with little amber hairs and showered with snowy trichomes. The beautiful plant gives off a complex earthy aroma with vanilla, citrus, and pineapple. It can survive whether it is cultivated indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. 

Flavor and Effects of Drizella

Upon inhalation, Drizella tastes of sweetness with tropical hints, but once exhaled, it leaves a pungent aftertaste with hints of diesel and pineapple undertones. Best for daytime usage, it hits the user with a wave of euphoria. It erases any unsavory thoughts, leaving the user happy and energized. 

If you have a long list of tasks, you will surely have the motivation to accomplish them all. Drizella not only makes you optimistic but also increases focus and concentration. It is also an effective social strain as it can wake your social skills up with your creativity. It will make you talkative. It can also induce laughter. 

Medical Benefits of Drizella

Drizella is highly recommended by experts for people suffering from chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. Aside from mental discomfort, it can also soothe physical pains such as cramps, inflammation, headache, migraine, and arthritis. Aside from giggles, it induces hunger, making it a great remedy for loss of appetite.

Negative Effects of Drizella

If smoked irresponsibly beyond one’s tolerance, Drizella can be the cause of feelings of anxiety, headache, migraine, paranoia, and dizziness. Due to its potency, having dry mouth and dry eyes are also common. This can easily be avoided by preparing water before you indulge in its goodness.

Growing Drizella Some information and Tips

Drizella is dominated by sativa genes. No wonder it can grow tall in height. You can maintain air and light distribution by topping the plant. You may invest in small fans to achieve better ventilation. To cover up its pungency, you may use anti-odor filters. Trimming or pruning is also recommended.