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Dream Berry

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Created by Apothecary Genetics, Dream Berry is a cross between the Blue Dream and Blackberry strains. It gives off an enticing fragrance of sweet sugary blueberries. It grows buds that have slender pepper-shaped bright neon green nugs that are fluffy yet still very dense. These nugs are covered with bold amber hairs and translucent crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Dream Berry

Dream Berry is a blended taste of sweet sugary blueberries with a tangy fresh lemon aftertaste.

Its fast-acting mental and body high bring euphoria, happiness, an uplifted mood, blissful relaxation and boosts in one’s appetite. You will be dragged in a state of complete body relation that leads to couch-lock and, eventually, a deep sleep. Upon waking up, you will feel renewed and hungry. Thus, this strain is best used in the evening or before bedtime.

Medical Benefits of Dream Berry

Dream Berry is helpful in the treatment of chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Its therapeutic properties include being an analgesic, anti-depressant, appetite booster, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Dream Berry.

Marijuana-induced dehydration is common to all cannabis users. Symptoms include dry, itchy eyes, and dry mouth. Drinking lots of fluids will wane the side effects. It is also advised to use an eye moisturizer to soothe those irritated, red eyes.

Greening out is also possible when using Dream Berry. Anxiety, dizzy spells, and worse, paranoia may occur in rare cases. Some users complain of mild headaches as well. This is due to overconsumption, so go slow with the doses, especially if you are a first-timer.

Growing Dream Berry

Dream Berry is a short and bushy plant. It grows lateral branches that are sturdy and able to withstand gushes of wind. Pruning is recommended to cut off broad leaves that block light and air circulation among them. Putting up support for the branches to avoid drooping will do the plant some good. Growers who want to bring out beautiful purple hues in their final harvest should briefly expose or shock the plants to nighttime temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees.

Indoors, you can try training and cultivation methods such as the Screen of Green to improve yield production. Hydroponics or the use of water as a medium can hasten the flowering period and give you a better harvest. While the traditional use of soil improves terpene profile leading to better strain flavors and scent.

Furthermore, the scent Dream Berry gives off is strong and bothersome for many. You can install odor control measures such as carbon filters and exhaust fans when cultivating indoors. Outdoors, you may want to find a place far away from people who do not approve of the strain’s smell